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Hi, I’m Joe. A few years back, I told someone close to me that I wanted to create a website and post my thoughts.

The response was, “Who’s going to read that?”.

Fast forward seven years and someone else close to me said, “You should start a blog with all these thoughts of yours.”

Can you see the lesson in that? I sure did!

I’ve seen a lot of these lessons. I don’t know what to call it. An Awakening? Maybe just a simple change in perspective but shit, I see the world so much differently.

It started with a divorce. Then, I spent a year at my parent’s house. During that time, I didn’t have to cook, go to the grocery store or run to the hardware store. You know, all the things we have to do as adults.

I Had Something Called “Free Time”

With that free time, something strange happened. I started to notice things. I saw my parent’s yard bursting to life in the spring. Drops of dew on flower pedals were like a high-definition picture. Wow! Beautiful!

I found nature. I always felt good in the woods, but as I got older, I spent less and less time in nature. That year I explored all the local trails near me and was floored by the beauty. I found that I enjoyed nature photography. With my iPhone, I could capture a great perspective of the world that I previously passed by.

Does the image above look familiar? It’s the same briar in the video at the beginning of this article. It’s amazing what a change in perspective can do! (If you’re on a mobile phone and the video didn’t load, click here to check it out.)

I Had More Energy

Not drained from the rat race, I spent much more time with my children. It’s tough to explain. I always did the” right things” a Dad does, but I was in a constant state of exhaustion before.

Working all day, coming home to make dinner, and then cleaning up, I would only have a little energy left to be fully present with them. After I moved in with my parents for what felt like the first time I saw my children. I could hear every tone that came out of their mouths—I watched every movement they made and how they explored the world. I learned a lot of valuable lessons from them as well. I’m still learning from them every day.

With this newfound energy, I also started to move my body again. I got on a bike—something as a child I did every day. I hadn’t been on one consistently for years. The second I hit a trail with my mountain bike, I felt like a kid again. It was amazing!

That wasn’t all. I hiking, kayaking, caring for plants. I was immersing myself in nature much more than I ever did.

I Was Learning Again

I came across a book called Be Here Now by Ram Dass. A book about a Harvard professor fired for experimenting with LSD: he goes to India, finds a guru, and returns to America to share his knowledge. I would have thought the book was nuts in the past, but it began to explain how I was feeling and my new perspective. His words blew my mind. I will always be grateful for coming across this book. Thank you, Ram Dass.

I read and listened to many different things that would help foster my new perspective on life. A mindset that was more focused on love and living life fully.

I found love. I met a wonderfully crazy passionate woman. She allowed me to explore all the radical perspective changes happening to me. She gave me space I didn’t previously have. I am very grateful for all that she did and does for me and the boys. We have an excellent relationship, and I hope to share some of the details of it in this blog.

“Back to reality”

Alas, living with my parents had to end, and to be quite frank, after a year, I was ready for it to end. It was just enough time to glimpse what life is truly about. Before that year, I dreamed of large houses, fast cars, and lavish vacations. After that year, I knew I didn’t need any of that to have a fulfilling life.

Modern American adult life started to trickle back in. I bought a house near my old house so my kids didn’t have to bounce around too much.

Grocery store trips, cutting the grass, and going to the hardware store were all back on the to-do list. After a year in the new house, I was in the thick of it. Then covid started, and unlike many, I had to go to work. I was working more because I work in healthcare. Fatigue set in again. Not your typical tiredness but tough to keep my eyes open exhaustion. My anxiety skyrocketed. I started drinking a lot more beer and having daily panic attacks. Oh, did I mention the dizziness? I felt like I was constantly off balance. My stomach was killing me, and I later discovered I had gastritis which I attributed to beer, coffee, and stress. I thought I would have a mental breakdown and lose my job at any minute. Instead, I was living in a constant hell. The magic of my new perspective was fading.

All Is Not Lost

I always retained the new perspective I gained that year at my parent’s house. There was always a reminder that there was a better way. I also had the full support of Mrs. Do Good. Not sure I would have made it through that hell without her.

With that glimmer of hope, I started on a new path again—a way to regain my health and restore peace in my life. I created a budget and financial plan that would allow me to cut down hours at work. I stopped drinking and have tremendously improved my anxiety through sleep, diet, meditation, and outdoor activities. This blog will highlight what I have done and am working to do next. I’m claiming a life of financial and mental freedom.

Let’s Do This Together

A lot of us are suffering. I hope to change that. To help people gain a new perspective that takes them out of the endless chasing of a materialistic nightmare. is a blog but Do Good is a movement that will grow to include a podcast, retreat opportunities, a forum, and so much more! Do Good will be designed to give back to the community and to make our community stronger. This is a Financial, Spiritual, Mental Health, Nature, Exploring, Parenting, Relationship, Sex, and life changer blog. Every website I read about building a blog told me to have fewer topics. To have a niche. Eh, who gives a shit. My niche is to get you financially and mentally prepared for life’s rollercoaster and enjoy every step of the way. Let’s see where this goes!

PS. I realize the title of this page is clickbaity. How else would I get you to read my crazy thoughts?!

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