Hi I’m Joe. After 10 years of working towards becoming an Anesthesia Nurse in 2015 I finally accomplished that goal. It was a great feeling and I started to make ton of money! More money was going to make my life great right?? I sure thought so and I spent it like it was going to. $55,000 Dodge Durango on credit. Don’t mind if I do. $1000 (probably more) birthday party for a 1 year old. Definitely. $10,000 Disney Cruise with a 1 and 3 year old. Sounds like fun! Oh let’s go looking for a $600,000 house (Glad I didn’t go through with this one). All while having a $180,000 student loan and $0 in investments. I was living the American dream.

Let me paint you a picture of what a typical day of this dream looked like. After a stressful day of putting people into a temporary coma I would come home exhausted. I cooked dinner, half watch my kids play half look at my phone, cleaned up and went to bed. I did this five times a week. Oh, plus the call shifts I did on the weeknights and weekend.

I was a miserable anxious mess. I tried to fix this with exercise. At 8 pm after the kids went to bed I would chug down high caffeine pre workout drink and lift weights in my basement for an hour or two. After a year of this nothing really changed besides I had some nice muscles to look at. Still exhausted. Still Miserable.

What gives??? I did everything they told me to do!

  1. Work hard in school. ✅
  2. Get a job. ✅
  3. Make money. ✅
  4. Reap the benefits of your hard work 🔻

Where was the endless happiness that was promised at the end of this checklist?

I surely couldn’t be the only one that feels this way? So I went searching for answers. Turns out life really isn’t about stressing yourself out with work so you can buy more fancy things in the future. Life is actually pretty simple. Just watch a young child and how everything to them is wonderful. What happened to you between that version of yourself and now? Why doesn’t a blooming flower bring you immense joy and wonder? That joy and wonder is still there but we have been conditioned to think that the only thing that can bring it out is bigger and better things.

I made a bunch of major life changes to reset my wonder more towards an orange blooming flower and less towards an orange Lamborghini.

These changes have been financial, mental, physical and spiritual.

This blog was created to highlight this journey. To show how I got to where I am and what I’m doing now to live a frugal balanced life. My hope is The Do Good Life will help at least one other human to get out of the cycle of chasing happiness. Less trying to find it through materials and more actually finding it in friends, family and nature. By doing so I believe we can make a better world for everyone.