What it’s Like When Your Wife Has An OnlyFans

My wife and I decided to start an Onlyfans page on our Honeymoon. We were in Greece. We talked about it playfully before, but creating one was a whole different story.

OnlyFans is a website; it provides a platform for someone to create a page for their fans to see closer into their lives. Although it was not the original intent, the site has become a place where you can subscribe to men and women to see them nude.

We sat in our hotel room and reviewed the pros and cons of such a socially taboo endeavor.


  • We could be creative-With both of us working in healthcare, we never really get to use our creative side.
  • It would be something sexy and fun to do as a couple- Honestly, who wouldn’t love to take sexy pictures of their wife?
  • The extra cash is always nice- We didn’t know how much we would make. Solana’s Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was out of work. If we did make some extra money, we could help her parents more.
  • Solana would have her own business- It has its perks with tax write-offs that we wouldn’t otherwise have as W2 employees.


  • It’s Taboo- Let’s face it, there are many negative perspectives about showing your naked body publicly.
  • Family and Friends finding out was a fear initially. Not so much anymore since this is precisely what happened. I’ll be sure to talk more about this below.

Ultimately we decided to take the leap, and MrsWolflove was born. It’s been a wild ride ever since. We both have a newfound appreciation for quality content creation. It’s more challenging than it sounds! The old saying goes, “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.”

A Day in The Life

A typical day for Solana consists of posting to her social media accounts: Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, The Chive, and OnlyFans. Not only does she post, but she responds to comments and messages as well.

The key is showing your personality to people. Her personality is fantastic, and her subscribers tend to agree. She gets a lot of positive comments, and people are generally very kind. It is social media, and you get the occasional ignorant comment from a troll. She laughs it off and embraces the people who lift her up.

Solana has to find time to make content between all of these postings. I’m sometimes involved in this part, and we have a lot of fun doing it. Watching your wife change into different lingerie is incredible. I am also learning a valuable skill—photography/Videography. I am slowly improving and plan to apply it to a YouTube channel I am working on.

Remember all this is happening while working a full-time job and taking care of kids and a household.

Creating a Quality Page

Solana told me from day one that if we were going to do this, we would do it right. She prides herself on producing quality content and ensures everyone is happy when they subscribe to her.

I’m unsure if you’ve ever subscribed to an Onlyfans model, but many spammy ones exist. They constantly try to pump you for money. We did some “market research” and subscribed to many pages before we started. We found some great pages and found some terrible ones. For example, Solana’s page takes on the mantra, “Treat someone as you would want to be treated.” She created her page as something she would feel happy with if she subscribed to it herself.

Creators Support Each other

Let’s say you’re a new actor and contact Dwayne Johnson on social media. You ask for advice. Do you think he would respond? Not likely.

When we were at the very beginning stages of this endeavor, Solana reached out to an Onlyfans creator. She is a huge creator and a top earner in the industry. I told Solana there was no way she would respond to her. I was totally wrong. Not only did she respond, but she has given her a ton of valuable information and continues to do so. She is not the only one. Solana has made friends with other creators, who have all been very supportive. It’s great to see, especially in such a competitive market.

The Downsides

My wife has had an Onlyfans page for seven months, and there has yet to be a downside for us. We initially planned on keeping this all a secret, but fate had other plans. Most of our friends, many people from work, and even her brother and parents know. The majority have been very supportive.

Co-workers and friends found out through a social media mishap. Solana started confronting people if they knew something about her. She is not shy. She took some of the wind out ofs by doing so the gossip sail. She just told people, “My husband and I agreed to do this together. It is no big deal to us, and it shouldn’t be a big deal to you.”

Unfortunately, I lost a couple of friends along the way. Everyone has their own beliefs, and I respect that. I stopped writing on this blog for some time because of one of those friends. He asked me how I could have a blog called The Do Good Life while my wife had an Onlyfans. I took that to heart because he was a close friend of mine. As I have had time to think about it, I now see it was stupid to stop contributing to the blog. That’s why I’m writing this article. To show complete transparency. I suspect some will read this and discredit anything else I have to say. You can’t please everyone.

Is it worth it?

Solana has rocketed into the top 1% of Onlyfans creators worldwide in a very short time. Her income has rivaled her salary from working in healthcare with 20 years of experience. With the extra income, she has decreased her hours at the hospital, helped her family, and donated more to local animal shelters.

In no way am I recommending that someone should pursue a career in OnlyFans. It is a very personal decision, and many life variables come into play. It’s something you should start with some serious contemplation. However, for us, it has been worth it.

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What do you think about having a wife who does OnlyFans? Let me know I the comments below.

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  1. Well written blog. You asked what I (the reader) think about having a wife who does OF. Difficult for me to answer as I do not have a wife with an OF. However, I think it is great that you both decided to start doing this and that it seems to agree with the both of you. Sounds like you have a good working partnership. Good for you.
    In fact, I think it is quite brave of the two of you as it is still deemed to be something “one does not do”. Ramifications can be serious. As you experienced with losing a good friend.
    Some you loose because of envy, others because they can not think outside of their moral borders.
    I do think you should embrace what you both have achieved and are doing and drop the question what others think about it. You are happy and you are not intruding on anyone in anyway.
    Take care and enjoy.

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